Welcome New Business: The Big Friendly Therapist

Uptown Saint John is excited to welcome the newest addition to our vibrant community, Steven Butler, also known as The Big Friendly Therapist (The BFT). With his unique and compassionate approach to counselling, Steven brings a warm and inviting atmosphere to those seeking support.

Steven’s counselling approach is non-judgmental, safe, and focused on creating a space for you to be heard and understood. With a diverse range of evidence-based theories and modalities, Steven employs an eclectic counselling approach. This includes person-centred and humanistic approaches, elements of queer theory, affirmative therapy, narrative therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), emotion-focused therapy, solution-focused therapy, and positive psychology.

Additionally, Steven is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a highly effective treatment originally designed for trauma. EMDR has been proven beneficial for various mental health conditions.

Wondering about the story behind the name; “The Big Friendly Therapist (The BFT)”? It stems from Steven’s childhood, where he was affectionately called “The Big Friendly Giant (The BFG)” due to his height of 6’4. Embracing this endearing nickname, it represents his friendly demeanour and commitment to creating an approachable and welcoming therapy experience.

The Big Friendly Therapist
117 Carleton Street
Online: https://thebft.ca/

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