Home Decor Trend: Go Natural!

lauren_Naturalby Lauren Walls

One of today’s top trends in Home Decor is the use of natural fibres in just about any space. For example, an all-white look can be be warmed up considerably by adding woven wood shades to the windows. Bold paint and furniture colours can be grounded with a natural jute rug. A formal dining room can become more casual and laid back by swapping out the current dining chairs for wicker chairs instead! There’s definitely something to be said for the contrast of a traditional piece of furniture again the rough texture of wicker sisal or seagrass. Simply beautiful!

lauren_roomdecorNatural Fibre accessories and furniture have been around for many many years, particularly in tropical locations. Homeowners in these warm locales tend to favour the “indoor/ outdoor” look, opening their interior spaces to natural beauty of outdoors. What better way to do this than by adding elements found in nature! Now, this style is evolving to suit almost any home, no matter the region or the climate. Natural decor is truly everywhere.

I tend to use natural elements as part of almost every design job I do. There’s really nothing that beats the casual down-to-earth vibe that can be created by mixing in some of this texturally rich trend. When it comes to decorating a space, texture is an element that should never be overlooked. Especially in a time when neutral colour palettes are everywhere. Visual interest, when working with neutrals, can come in large part from texture!

Plus, not only do they look great, they’re also super practical, especially for pet owners. Most natural fibre rugs for example can be hosed down for easy cleaning! Just make sure to look for indoor/ outdoor specifications when choosing the perfect rug for your desired pet-friendly space.

When it’s time to tackle the next decorating project in your home, keep this long-term earthy trend in mind. You can’t go wrong!

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