Forest-fire season began April 18th

forestfireThe 2016 forest-fire season in New Brunswick began on April 18th.

Each year, the season begins on the third Monday of April and continues through until October 31st unless otherwise indicated.

Anyone igniting a Category 1 fire (fires with a diameter of three metres or less) should ensure burning is allowed in that area. This can be done by calling the toll-free burn line at 1-866-458-8080 or by visiting the Department of Natural Resources’ website.

Category 2, 3 and 4 fires require a written permit. Applications are available at the department’s regional offices.

Burning grass is considered a Category 4 fire that requires a written permit. To many people, burning grass is a safe and helpful way to renew the growth of new grass in the spring. However, the reasons for spring grass burning are largely unfounded and rather than being beneficial, it is destructive and dangerous. A list of myths and facts surrounding grass burning is available online.

Under the Forest Fire Act, if you light a fire, you are responsible for it. If your fire gets out of control, you may be liable for the cost of fighting the fire and the destruction of other people’s property as well as face criminal penalties for violating burning regulations.

Also, due to the risk of wild land fires, anyone who conducts industrial operations on forest land during forest-fire season must possess a valid work permit.

Permits specify the required fire equipment needs and the work location information of the operation. These permits can be obtained at the department’s regional offices at no cost to the applicant.

Inspections will be conducted by officers throughout the season to ensure compliance of industrial operations. Violators can be ticketed $604.50 for failing to possess a valid work permit or not meeting the requirements of a permit.

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