Lynaya Astephen for Ward 4 Saint John

Local community activist announces candidacy for Councillor in Ward 4, East Saint John
February 18th, 2020
Saint John, NB
After much consideration, I have decided to run for Councillor in Ward 4, East Saint John, New Brunswick in the upcoming municipal election.
I believe citizens deserve city councilors that are willing to listen and bring their concerns forward. It is time to restore fairness in government because that fairness hasn’t always been there for those at the bottom. It is time that this changes.
My name is Lynaya Astephen. I love my city, Saint John New Brunswick.
More importantly I love the very people who call Saint John home.
People have always mattered to me.
I realize the importance of working together with you.
I am not here to make campaign promises.
I am making a personal commitment to the people of Saint John, New Brunswick, to stand beside you. To stand for the common good. To restore some faith in democracy.
When you elect me as your Ward 4 Councillor in East Saint John, I will make myself available to you, always.
One focus of mine will be to ensure we have affordable properties taxes for all, especially seniors since this is our cities largest demographic.
I will work hard to ensure we have affordable housing for those that need it.
For the youth in our city, they too deserve to be heard when we are making decisions that will affect them. I will go out of my way to listen to them.
Tell me what you need.
Let’s sit down and talk.
Do you know that more than 50% of council meetings happen behind closed doors?
I believe we can do much better than this.
Transparency is paramount, now more than ever.
Public meetings for citizens is a vital need.
Public meetings allow citizen participation for “ALL” people, which solidifies our democracy, nurturing new ideas, renewing community, and ultimately providing a better quality of life for all.
Work together with me on improving air quality and tackling the environmental issues head on.
I will be the change council needs.
People first…. May 2020 vote for Lynaya Astephen for Ward 4, Councillor, East, Saint John. A vote and voice for the people.

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