Ministers Face Paddle & Hike

Ministers Face Paddle & Hike
Minister’s Face Nature Preserve consists of approximately 117 hectares of land on Long Island. The north-east end of Long Island contains a cliff formation, which rises 60 m (200 feet) above the Kennebecasis River and is one of the prominent topographical features of the Rothesay area. It also contains the highest point on the island, which is known as the “Crow’s Nest” and stands 100 m above the river. The ecological significance of the area was recognized because of its prominent rock formations and known presence of rare species. Explore the cliffs of Minister’s Face that have been recognized as an Environmentally Significant Area due to the presence of habitat for rare arctic flora, and the spectacular view from the eastern banks of the Kennebecasis. View the vertical rock cliffs that have been host to significant botanical findings from as early as 1866. These cliffs are often visited by the peregrine falcon, a species at risk under NB’s Species at Risk Act. The discovery of the extremely rare (S1) wall-rue fern (Aspleniumrutia-muraria) during a botanical inventory on the island was especially significant, as it had not been previously found anywhere in New Brunswick.
Your interpretative guides will land you & your kayak on the northern tip of the Island, followed by a guided hike to the 0.8 km Crow’s Nest Trail, crossing the highest point on the island, and the 1.5 km Minister’s Face Trail leading to the Minister’s Face cliff found on this preserve.
Your six (6) hour fully guided tour includes: Meeting your guide(s) on the Cameron Road, Paddling and safety overview, 1 hour paddle to Long Island in your included tandem kayak, 3 hour hike with comfort stops and interpretation & 1 hour return Paddle to the shores of the Cameron Road.
Minimum 6 guests – Maximum 12 guests, tandem kayaks only, safety equipment, bottled water, light snack included.
Cost: 125.00 per person
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