Amazing Time at Vitos

This  article submitted by Marki-lee Hachey

My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and we try to take her to Vito’s Rothesay here and there as it was always her favourite spot. We always take her and order her the Tenderloin Vino Rosso. We took her on Christmas eve unknowing that the only eating area that was open was the bar. It was very loud and we worried it was going to upset her or cause issues with triggering memory loss or outbursts.

I talked to one of their servers, and the lead server for the day allowed us to sit in the dining room(I feel terrible because now I don’t remember her name and I didn’t take a receipt). They turned a light on just for my grandmother and I don’t think she ever felt so special in her life. She felt like a celebrity having an entire restaurant to her and her family.

We ordered my Grandmother her Vino Rosso, and it was clear it was an 11/10 for her. Everytime she gets it she tells us ‘this must be what heaven is’ 😂

I got the Philly steak and cheese melts, it’s one of my favourites and it is always wonderful. Always super flavourful, the bread doesn’t get too soggy and there’s lots of cheese 🤤 so 10/10 for me.

My brother got the lasagna with garlic bread on the side (off the lunch menu) and he said it was always. Really good flavour, it was nice and hot with lots of cheese. 10/10 for him as well.

I can’t for the life of me remember what my brothers girlfriend got for her meal or my aunt. But they both looked awesome. Pretty sure ones was a chicken Parm and one was a chicken penne of some sort.

Huge shout out to Vito’s Rothesay, this was a fantastic and amazing experience for my grandmother and all of us. The food was excellent and even though we weren’t in the open area for dining, our service was not compromised one bit! Everytime we go we leave 100% satisfied no matter how busy it is. So such a huge thank you for them for always being amazing and on the ball!!

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