Think ‘Green’ Over The Holidays

FREDERICTON (GNB) – There may be a lot of white outside but that does not mean New Brunswickers cannot have a ‘green’ Christmas.

“I want to remind everyone to think about how they can help our environment as we celebrate the holidays,” said Environmen

t and Local Government Minister Jeff Carr. “It is important that we raise awareness about being environmentally friendly and that we work together to mitigate climate change.”

Carr said the holidays produce more waste than at other times of the year but we can make a big difference by making small changes. Along with reducing, reusing and recycling, he had some other tips for the festive season:

  • Buy a real Christmas tree. It can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, and the purchase also supports local businesses or non-profit organizations.
  • Choose ‘green’ gifts or donate to an environmental cause in lieu of a gift.
  • Purchase energy-efficient electronics; look for the Energy Star logo or EnerGuide label. Recycle old electronics through the electronic waste recycling program.
  • Buy rechargeable batteries for toys or other gifts. Recycle old batteries through the household battery recycling program.
  • Reuse wrapping paper or gift bags, or use newspaper or recycled paper to wrap gifts since most commercial wrapping paper cannot be recycled.
  • Use LED Christmas lights to minimize energy consumption and turn off the lights before going to bed.
  • Plan your grocery purchases to avoid excessive food waste.
  • Recycle beverage bottles, cans and cardboard.

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