T4G Moving Saint John Office to the ‘Heart’ of the City’s Tech Industry Oct 12, 2017

T4G’s VP Cathy Simpson; HotSpot CEO Phillip Curley; T4G President Geoff Flood at the announcement of a Big Data initiative in May, 2016. Image: file photo

SAINT JOHN– After almost 15 years on the westside, technology solutions company T4G is moving its Saint John office to the uptown core that is the heart of the city’s tech industry.

Though they haven’t chosen new digs chosen yet, vice-president Cathy Simpson told Huddle uptown is where the company wants to be.

“We’ve enjoyed and we’ve certainly been in a unique building on a unique piece of land on the west side. We’ve been here almost 15 years and a lot has happened,” says Simpson.

“But we’ve missed uptown Saint John. It really is the heart of the tech industry. We’ve missed being part of that scene, being up close to people. We’ve been thinking about it for a little while.”

T4G actually had an office uptown before moving to its current west side office on Lancaster Street. But being a part of the city’s tech industry is important to the company and Simpson says since everything tech related is now happening uptown, it’s time to move back.

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“We play a bunch of different roles from me being involved with TechImpact, our president being a part of the New Brunswick Business Council and Tech Impact. We’re very involved in the data movement and building a Data Centre of Excellence and working with organizations like Enterprise Saint John on the initiative as well as other partners,” says Simpson.

“We just want to be there where so many people that we’re working with are so we can go an be part of that business community and go to the [Saint John City] Market at lunch and go to Picaroons for a beer on Friday nights. We’ve missed out on all those types of collisions that happen organically and I think it’s a really important part of relationship building.”

T4G currently owns it west side property on Lancaster Avenue, which is currently up for sale. Simpson says they are looking for a space uptown that will accommodate 50 people.

She says the company has already accepted that they will be giving up their spacious parking lot, something that’s almost impossible to come by in uptown Saint John.

“We’re going to miss our parking. Absolutely, I kid you not,” says Simpson. “But [moving uptown is] something that we’re really excited to think abo

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