Jalloo – Festival of Animation and Games June 9-11th

Jalloo – Festival of Animation and Games June 9-11thby Kevin Gallant

Every year there is a “little gem” festival that attracts professionals all over the world to Miramichi. It is not fish, music or sports. It is all about animation and games. From June 9th-11th we will host Jalloo, a festival that features some great games by Atlantic companies including our own Eggroll Digital Studios. Brian McGee brings his talent and organization to this event from years of experience and dedication to these fields. As the lead organizer he is connected to companies all over the world, regularly attending the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, building our Atlantic networking opportunities to the Miramichi.

Brian provides mentoring, networking and showcase experience to students at NBCC Applied Arts. Students from various programs including both Applied Arts Animation and Electronic game 3D and Electronic Game development will display their portfolios. Year I students from the Applied Arts help set-up and coordinate many of the workshops, booths and registrations for this three day event. We feature and exhibit applied research from companies like Contendo, who proudly display their new augmented reality training panoramic 360 training scenarios. Jalloo exists to help promote and develop the Animation and Games industry in the Atlantic provinces. We showcase animations at our Annual Festival screenings on Friday afternoons.

Jalloo is part conference with workshops, displays, and presentations; part festival with the animation festival and game jam; part job fair with the student showcase; and part STEM promotion. We showcase a games arcade, introduction to code aimed at children and women, 3D printing competition, and DIY trebuchet. There is something for anyone with any level of interest in animation and games.

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Jalloo – ja•lloo [jah•lu]: noun; from the Manx Gaelic dictionary picture, figure, bust, sculpture, idol, drawing, effigy, altarpiece, image, carving, icon, painting, or statue. It is a Gaelic name that represents the culture of the Miramichi.

At NBCC we train artists and game students in the Applied Arts program. Students learn to draw and code game concepts and prototypes. These students design and develop entertainment products which potentially can be exported worldwide. Gogii games, international exporter in Moncton, have taken our practicum students for over a decade and they will be featuring their games at a Jalloo booth. Companies and their staff will be featured in professional workshops at Jalloo including themes such as:

• Video Game Law – What Should You Know?
• Bootstrapping a Game Start-up
• How to Break Into the Game Industry
• Managing Game Dev Complexity
• Game Design in a Mobile Context

Games are not just for PC’s anymore. Games are complex and very competitive. We display mobile games and smartglass technologies including an Oculus Rift wing. In this wing. we feature “Cool” stereo virtual reality videos from MVHS students and staff, Ashley Hallihan. Many technologies from 3D Scanning to 3D printing will be featured at Jalloo this year.

Jalloo is hosting an open house on Thursday June 9th in the Gym. Some of the new events being featured are Drone League Races on June 9th from 4:30–6 pm to allowing the schools to participate in six Drones which will fly through hoops and cross a finish line for three time trials. These drones are not just to fly for fun. NBCC use drones to fly thermal instruments to analyze and even count blueberries and perform environmental wood turtle reconnaissance.

On the last day, Jalloo will be featuring 3D Prints from ASD-N local schools. A 3D Print {Art}iculate contest will be held from 10:30 am – 1 pm to showcase 3D prints from many schools in the STEMnorth labs and outreach programs. Trophies and prizes will be handed out to successful winners for both the Drone races and 3D print contest. This will help bring more STEM games and art to the community schools. NBCC have provided funds for prizes for the ASD-N stemnorth events through the Community Engagement Fund.

Jalloo 24 Hour Game Jam 4 pm Friday June 10 – Saturday June 11 2016

At 4 pm Friday, individuals with an interest in game art (2D and 3D), audio, programming, and design will gather together to hear the theme and constraints around which they must build teams and then build an international game. Come as individuals and form your team on the spot with the help of some social exercises. Participants will be students and professionals alike. Four computer labs will be open around the clock for teams to plan and implement their games. Coffee and snacks will be provided. At 4pm Saturday, exhausted but triumphant teams will present their accomplishments and share their sorrows in the main theatre.

Jalloo is all about networking, especially for Atlantic Canada. We host a professional networking dinner included in the registration. The City of Miramichi kindly support this dinner and the venue every year. The City of Miramich host a lot of festivals every year and this little gem is an art of culture for the entertainment in us all.

For more information visit jalloo.net.

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