Safety Tips for Motorists from City

With the increase in traffic volumes after the summer holidays, and construction projects continuing across the City, the City of Saint John reminds motorists to look out for City workers who perform construction, maintenance and public safety services on, under or above city roads and other right of ways.

“The safety of our staff and citizens is a priority for us,” says Peter Morgan, Manager of Safety and Policy for the City of Saint John. “City crews and public safety personnel leave home every day and work hard to keep citizens safe, and we ask that motorists do their part to keep them safe too. Motorists must slow down, concentrate, and obey posted speed limits and other signage while driving through active construction and emergency response zones.”

Safety tips for motorists:

•Consider taking an alternate route to avoid driving through construction/emergency response zones.

•Give yourself extra time to get to your destination.

•Do not speed. Adjust your speed to posted signage and weather conditions.

•Stay alert and pay attention to what other drivers, crews, and pedestrians are doing around you.

•Follow other vehicles at a safe distance and merge before lane closures.

•Avoid doing anything that may reduce your concentration while driving.

•Be aware of changes in traffic patterns and pay attention to signals from flaggers and posted signage.

•Expect the unexpected. Things can change quickly and unexpectedly in and around construction/emergency zones, especially when traffic is heavy.

•Be patient. Frustration can cause accidents.

City of Saint John personnel in collaboration with the Saint John Police Force monitor work zones and take measures to ensure the safety of staff in the field. Motorists are reminded that speeding in a constructing zone could result in a fine of $172.00 and a loss of 3 points.

Employees from the Saint John Fire Department, Saint John Police Force, Saint John Water, City of Saint John Transportation and Environment and Parks and Urban Landscape Services promote this message.

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